Green Tent Invitation



My name is Brenda Sanders and I’m Executive Director of Better Health, Better Life, a community health organization in Baltimore City. We’ve been working in communities of color in Baltimore for the last five years to address the health disparities and food access issues in our city. While it’s great that we’ve connected with thousands of people in Baltimore about health and food justice issues, we’re seeing a lack of awareness of environmental issues and we’d like to help address that.


The reason I’m contacting you is that our organization is co-sponsoring Vegan SoulFest, a festival that celebrates healthy eating and food justice, and we would love to bring an environmental awareness component to the festival this year. I’m coordinating the first ever Green Tent at the festival where environmental organizations can connect with our attendees on a variety of environmental issues. Our goal for the Green Tent is to provide people in Baltimore with information about how to make more sustainable lifestyle choices and how to stand up for the environmental health of our planet.


Vegan SoulFest has grown from 1200 attendees in 2014 to 6500 people last year, and this year we’re expecting to attract even more people! We invite you to join us in the Green Tent on Saturday, August 26, 2017 and help us expand awareness of environmental issues to people in Baltimore City.


For more information about Vegan SoulFest, visit While you’re there you can register as a Sponsor  in the Green Tent, or as one of our non-profit Exhibitors . Thanks and hope to see you at Vegan SoulFest!       



Brenda Sanders

Executive Director, Better Health, Better Life